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Why are electric skateboards so expensive?

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A lot of people are very surprised when they first see the prices of electric skateboards. They expect that electric skateboards are in the price range of normal longboards. Why is it electric skateboards are so expensive?

These electrical components are by far the most expensive elements of an e-board. A li-on battery big alone would cost several hundred dollars and the electric motor is not very cheap neither. Moreover, you have to add various other elements like the remote control, the ESC (receiver and computing unit) and some other wiring. Further, these parts have to be compiled together which require special tools – which aren´t very cheap neither – and a significant amount of labour. Nowadays the production quantity is still very low because electric skateboards are still a niche product. Companies haven´t built huge manufacturing factories which would decrease the price significantly. There is simply not enough economy of scale yet and there are still not as many manufacturers in the market as there could be. This means that there is less competition among businesses to compete on price so the prices are higher in general. With that being said the increasing competition is about to change that. And we shall not forget that companies need to spend notable amounts of money in marketing and advertising which drives the price up further. On top of these factors, e-board companies want to build trust towards the consumer and offer warranty and customer service which is quite expensive a well. These circumstances all add up and make the current prices.

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